The Company

SS Automation is an innovative technology solutions company specializing in Discrete solution, Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Relevant process aids by providing unmanned solutions to execute production. We develop a transparent, value-based relationship, leveraging the extensive experience of our team to provide advanced solutions to a wide range of technology segments that enable our customers to successfully accomplish their business goals.




We provide end-to-end Patented Solutions across various domains

Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace industry uses advanced technology in manufacturing, welding, material handling, and other processes to increase efficiency, safety, and throughput. SSA deploy automation in many forms such as robotics, conveyors, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize processes. Whether you need a solution for drilling, welding, conveyors, or inspecting parts, automation technology can speed up those processes, improve accuracy, and improve repeatability.

Industrial Manufacturing

It is the use of equipment to automate systems or production processes. The end goal is to drive greater efficiency by either increasing production capacity or reducing costs, often both.


Automotive body assembly automation involves streamlining repetitive processes like welding, material handling, and assembling auto body components. Automotive manufacturers can save on labor costs and rework, improving quality and repeatability with robotics, vision, and software integration.


With rich experience, SSA can provide handling solution, packing and strapping solution, de-stacking solution, warehouse management for the FMCG industry.


In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of automation also reduces the chance of human error through its capability to consistently perform repetitive tasks.

Consumer Electronics

Electronic Automation is a market segment consisting of software, hardware, and services with the collective goal of assisting in the definition, planning, design, implementation, verification, and subsequent manufacturing of semiconductor devices, or chips.

Our Mission

To deliver most effective automation solutions to our clients by integrating latest technology with innovative ideas & design by state of art engineering leading to operational efficiency along with clear focus on environmental sustainability without compromising on our core values.


To be one of the most Admired Organizations globally in terms of Customer Centricity by offering the most innovative Automation Solutions leading to unparalleled value proposition.

Core Values

Trust, Committed, Fair, Customer Centric & Responsible Socially

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